Lift Technology

Control in Hand

Save the time and effort of walking to the back of the stacker to position the forks.

Less Stress and Strain

Choose the ideal height for manual lifting/transfer and void manual high-risk lift zones.

Mobile Efficiency

Activate lift and lower functions anywhere near the stacker.


Optimise Manual Labour

The lift technology for Crown stackers QuickPick Remote allows operators to work faster, without sacrificing safety. In-hand control of lift functions ensures ideal work heights, saves steps and minimises stress and strain.

Warehouses, machine shops and retail stores can benefit from process improvements measured by:

  • fewer steps
  • less time
  • less strain
  • less risk

The Optimal Height

In-hand control of lifting functions saves the time and effort of walking to the control handle to adjust work height. Operators easily reposition forks at the optimum work height, from 400 to 1800 mm, as they load or unload a pallet, minimising the risk of strain or injury.